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PRO-E-BIKE project promotes clean and energy efficient vehicles, electric bicycles and electric scooters (common name “E – bikes”), for delivery of goods and passenger transport among private and public bodies such as delivery companies, public administration and citizens in European urban areas, as an alternative to “conventionally fossil fuelled” vehicles.

The project actions are directed towards E-bike market uptake and promotion of policies that stimulate the usage of E-bikes in urban transport. Therefore, PRO-E-BIKE aims for a change in behaviour of target groups in urban areas manifested in their decision to replace their conventionally fuelled vehicles with E- bikes. Pilots among target groups will not only help the project to achieve its objectives, but as well, enable the demonstration of measurable effects in terms of CO2 emission reduction and energy savings by inclusion of E-bikes in urban transport.

Overall, by the actions predicted by PRO-E-BIKE we hope to shift urban delivery transport from fossil fuel delivery vehicles toward E-bike vehicles, and in that way not only to reduce noise and pollution in urban areas, but as well to reduce congestion, save energy and to create new market opportunities for local economy.

• Building understanding and raising confidence in E-bike technology among target groups

• Testing and analysing E- bike technology

• Info days (as first step of implementation of an action plan)

• Development of policies in form of an Action plan and strategy that will boost the E-bike usage in pilot urban areas.

• Examination off existing initiatives concerning E-bikes, identification of best practice examples and transfer of know how/best   solution from existing successful initiatives to initiatives in starting phase

• Collaboration with other EU project with similar goals

• Development of business models (for transport of passengers, goods transport and mixed transport) that will increase the competitiveness of stakeholders who are using E- bikes

• Detailed overview of initiatives and technology

• Multilayer E -bike simulation tool for target groups (calculating costs and benefits of introduction of E- bikes in their business)

• Increased investment and usage of electric bicycles and scooters (E- bikes) for delivering goods and for services in target groups by the end of the project comparing to initial state.

• Action plans for cities regarding E-bikes utilization and incorporation of E-bikes in city transport strategies

• Reduction of GHG emissions during the pilot actions

•  Delivery companies and companies with their own delivery personnel

•  Public administration

•  Local authorities and citizens/passengers in selected urban areas

•  E-bike manufacturers and distributors

•  Cycling and E – mobility associations