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Pilot companies Slovenia


Pošta Slovenije
Slovenian Post (Pošta Slovenije) is the largest company in Slovenia, which is engaged in the delivery. It is a company which provides high quality, competitive and reliable postal and logistics services. It contributes to the satisfaction of citizens as a user of services, increasing the competitiveness and operational efficiency of enterprises and national development also demographically endangered areas. The company which employs more than 6,700 companies and where in the structure of employment by gender dominated by men (63%), which in most working in the delivery and processing of shipments, while women mostly take care of our customers at post office counters. They want to be the most important and largest provider of postal and related logistics services in Slovenia even after the liberalization of the postal market in the EU. Web page:


Kratochwill Restaurant Kratochwill Murska Sobota is one of the restaurant chains all over Slovenia. Offering snacks and lunches and strive for a fast and quality delivery around the local area of Murska Sobota. Web page:




T- LOTUS company was launched in late 1999, when it diverted to field of metallic coating and powder painting. In the period from 1999 until today have developed a comprehensive range of services which can meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding players in the industry powder painting.


  •  wholesale and retail with powder paints Tiger Drylac ®
  • Sales of equipment and spare parts for powder painting
  • Sales tools for powder painting ZANG
  • Sales of measurement techniques from different manufacturers
  • Analysis of the quality of surface protection and other services (measurement of temperature in the furnace)
  • counseling and education in the field of powder painting

Web page:


Biro Prodaja

Company “Biro prodaja” is engaged in the sale of office materials, office equipment, office technology and beside this they also offer delivery of these materials. Strive for fast, efficient and reliable delivery. They also offer an online shop, which is the functional and friendly to users. Enable quickly and easy ordering more than 10,000 products, which are always on stock and to have an access to an additional 30,000 products through a strategic partner of PBS Austria. Web page:



3lan d.o.o. is a well-established provider of quality computer and information services in Pomurje and the cross-border region of Austria-Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia. They provide to customers with a comprehensive range of solutions for the creation and management of computer networks and systems for the development and implementation of computer hardware and software, IT platforms, storage and data security for computer control of the most important business processes, integration and new media. They also offer project management, training and consulting. The team compose of a group of experts from various fields, which enabling a wide range of activities in the implementation of services and other projects. Web page:


martSmart House. Institution for research and sustainable development Martjanci is a relatively young organization whose main purpose is to provide development, research, educational, promotional and advisory activities in various fields. Past implemented activities and project of the Institute cover the areas of new technologies, rural development, education, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, tourism, healthy living/healthy lifestyle. Activities of the organization are mainly carried out in Pomurje, but they also interfere wider – in the international area, especially in the neighboring countries. For more information:


naravaPublic utility company Čista narava d.o.o. was founded in 1997 on the basis of the Decree on the establishment of a public utility company. It is owned by the Municipality Moravske Toplice in south-eastern Slovenia. The company evolved and expanded in line with the needs of customers. They expanded the range of activities as also professional resources. Much has been invested in the conquest of new work processes and thus new types of services. Company performs a wide range of activities.

Among the most important are the following:

  1. Drinking water supply;
  2. Discharge and treatment of municipal wastewater and rainwater;
  3. Maintenance of public areas (cleaning, editing stock, etc.).
  4. Maintenance of municipal roads and winter service;
  5. New construction and reconstruction of public utilities and other facilities;
  6. Maintenance of public lighting and cemeteries;
  7. Posting.

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senpoSENPO d.o.o., is a family company founded in 1995. Furniture center is a specialized center for the sale of interior design. Represent by all major domestic producers and suppliers with quality from abroad. They offer all the furniture (bedroom, lounge suites, kitchens, shelves, mattresses …) for the home and business premises. They treat their customers with special care, give professional advice, create a sketch and provide ALL INCLUSIVE service. They are representatives of all the major companies DanKüchen, Nobilia, Nolte Kuchen, Contesa, Gorenje, Polipol, Rauch, Ada, Cotta, Puris, HESPO, Alples, Bosch, … MILAX. Every customer can find something for themselves. For more information: