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Pilot companies in the Netherlands

BSO Struin

BSO Struin is a childcare center in the city of Nijmegen. Struin is a childcare center where children are cared in ‘wild’ nature’. It is a pioneering organization and an example for other organizations that consider a childcare center in nature. The high-educated counselors take the children in small groups outside. In nature, children can develop unlimited. For example, a child learns to work together with other children, develops creativity and discovers nature. With an electric groupbike, children are brought from school to the childcare center and taken to excursions. The e-cargobikes (for children) contribute the their philosophy of sustainable transport and improves the organisation’s image.


DHL is present in more than 220 countries and territories around the world, and it is one the largest international companies in the world. With more than 285,000 associates, it offers a nearly infinite number of logistics solutions. DHL with their green solutions support customers to reduce their environmental pollution. Environmental protection is an integral part of the strategy of the Group, and until 2020, they want that their own CO2 – efficiency of transport services in relation to 2007 improved by 30 percent. DHL now uses two electric cargo bikes in the Netherlands, i.e. in Almere and Utrecht. Advantages are reduced costs, higher speed and improved image. The e-cargobikes drive around 15.000 kms per year.


MarleenKookt cooks dinners for people in innercity Amsterdam who do not have time to cook themselves. You can register at the website of MarleenKookt for a weekly mail with the menus for the upcoming week. If you want to get a meal, you can order it for the day after. The meals are delivered at your time by an e-cargobike. This fits in the whole concept of MarleenKookt where sustainability is of key importance. The ingredients they use are as far as possible from nearby producers and fit with the time of year. It is also possible to choose for a vegetarian menu. MarleenKookt has bought two e-cargobikes with support of the PRO-E-BIKE project. Main drivers are speed (compared to car and normal bike), efficiency and sustainability


PUURland is an online shopping service for local and organic products in Arnhem. To make it as easy as possible for them, the owner of PUURland weekly makes up four new menus with local products of the season. It is not a subscription for vegetables nor an online supermarket but a meal service with the possibility to order separate products or seasonal vegetables. There are no obligations but there is service. The products can be collected in Arnhem or delivered at home. Buying and delivery is done by an e-cargobike. PUURland drives on average 50 kms per week with the e-cargobike.


Subway is an American multinational fast food chain that mainly sells sandwiches and salads that customers can compose themselves. The company operates with franchisers, what gives the entrepreneurs more freedom. In total, the company has more than 40,000 franchises in 102 countries. In the Netherlands are about 150 Subway stores. The Subway in Heerhugowaard aims to reduce CO2-emissions caused by its deliveries. Therefore, Subway now uses e-bikes and e-scooters. On average they drive around 1000 km/year. Additional benefits of e-bikes and e-scooters are the better image, lower labour costs and overall lower vehicle costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance).