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Pilot companies in Portugal

Camisola Amarela

Camisola Amarela, meaning yellow jersey, was founded in 2009 by Pedro Ventura and is the first bike messenger service of Portugal, nowadays making cycle logistics and express operations with normal and cargo bikes. Implemented the last mile concept in the city of Lisbon, using two warehouses in the entrance of the city centre. Won a Green Project Award and has been distinguished in the European
mobility week by the Cycletourist Federation both in 2010, promoting in the companies and in the city a growing sustainability sense and energy efficiency by changing old processes by new ones equally effective. For the pro e-bike an electrical cargo bike and scooter were introduced to the daily routine of the company with the first one used in cycle logistics and the second for deliveries in the outskirts of the city. During a 6-month period they will test one or two electric scooters to deliveries, starting in April 2014.

marujoRestaurant Marujo

Inaugurated in 1978, the Restaurant Marujo has from the beginning a service of high quality where seafood and traditional cuisine achieved a prominent position. In 2012, Madureira’s group acquired Marujo restaurant and facilities were upgraded maintaining the traditional snack service and adding two more new services: take-away and barbecue. The reopening of this restaurant in Matosinhos aimed to create of a strong and unified brand which means high quality, service of excellence and distinction. Founded in 1969, Madureira’s group has currently a network of dining outlets comprising 17 facilities strategically located, all of them oriented to serve and gaining client loyalty.

During a 6-month period they will test an electric scooter to deliver meals at home, starting in April 2014.

SMAS_logoSMAS Torres Vedras

The Municipal Services of Water and Sanitation of Torres Vedras are the municipal company responsible for water supply and sanitation to the entire county. Existing since 1934 these services were also responsible for the electricity, later integrated in EDP.

In the project, it is intended to use an electric scooter for performing some of the counter readings of water distributed in the county, thus avoiding the use of a conventional car on some of the routes.