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Pilot companies in Croatia

HP Croatian Post (Hrvatska pošta)

Croatian Post is an independent company founded in 1999. Their main activities involve the receipt, processing and delivery of postal items on the Croatian territory. In post offices across the country they  provide customers not only postage but also numerous financial. The service fast shipping from Croatian Post – hpekspres, is the only such service that is covered by the whole of Croatia.

Scooters constitute a significant part of HP’s fleet. Therefore HP joined the project in order to test several types of electric bicycles and scooters since they would like to include such vehicles in their fleet as a replacement to regular scooters. The testing of 3 types of electric bicycles started in June 2014.


City Ex     CityEX d.o.o.

Company CityEX d.o.o. is a courier company that operates independently on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. Company center is based  in Zagreb and established in the  1.1.2008. In Zagreb are 7 branches and another 60 branches in the territory of Croatia. As the number of users increasing over the years, a need to expand the delivery area begins to grow  with the delivery of parcels, shipments to the islands, and providing coverage on the mainland in  most cases ​​within 24 hours. The company continues with the expansion of the number of branches on the territory of Croatia and thus extension delivery areas for documents. Own fleet consists of over 650 vehicles, expanded by purchasing their own truck.

City Ex would like to replace part of the fleet (regular scooters) with electric bikes and scooters. They have been testing 2 electric bicycles from June 2014. The testing of 2 electric scooters is under preparation and it is expected to start soon.



DHL is present in more than 220 countries and territories around the world, and it is the global market leader in the logistics and transportation industry. With more than 315,000 employees worldwide, DHL offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their shipping and supply chain requirements.  DHL commits its expertise in international express, national and international parcel delivery, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation as well as contract and e- commerce related solutions along the entire supply chain. With a broad portfolio of green products and services, DHL supports customers to reduce their environmental pollution.  Environmental protection is an integral part of business strategy, and by 2020 DHL  aim to increase the carbon efficiency of  own operations by 30 percent compared to baseline year of 2007.

In line with its strategy, from June 2014 DHL is testing 2 electric bicycles. In this case it is not the goal to replace part of the existing fleet with electric bikes, but rather to reduce the usage of vans, since the vans are the vehicles that are mostly used in DHL’s service.


Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

There are 75 people employed by EIHP. The employees use 7 cars for travel related to business, including travels within the city. Therefore EIHP is testing one electrical bicycle in order to reduce usage of cars for everyday appointments and meetings within the city. The testing started din June 2014.


Communal inspectors in City of Zadar

The task of communal inspectors in city of Zadar is inspect the companies and individuals who are using the public space of city of Zadar for their services or as they living space. Therefore it is crucial for them to be mobile. The communal inspectors have at  disposal several cars that they use for this purpose. Since the city of Zadar wishes to serve as a good example to its citizens, communal inspectors are testing one electrical bike starting from July 2014 in their everyday activities.


Tobacco shop

Tobacco shop in the city of Zadar has a 24 hour working time, and it wants to expand its service by delivery of goods from the shop to customers. In this case there is not replacement of vehicles, but rather electric bike is a tool for expanding the business of the company, which would not happen otherwise due to high cost for regular motor vehicle. The testing started din November 2014.


Social home care service in City of Lipik

City of Lipik has 6.170 inhabitants and it was much known through history for it thermal spas, mineral water, glass production… In the last years it is becoming a favourable place for cycling tourism. Within the one EU project 98 km of bicycle paths were developed accompanied with info tables and maps. The City of Lipik is determinate to become one of the most desirable ciclotouristic spots in the country. In accordance with this aim, the city is developing projects for paths improvement and infrastructure development.
In city of Lipik PRO-E-BIKE is promoted within the social program „Help in the house“. The employers of Development agency of Lipik on everyday basis visit old persons in Lipik, neighbouring city Pakrac and 62 other villages in the area. In the very short time electric bicycle became an irreplaceable delivery vehicle.