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Motala (Sweden)

The city of Motala is the third largest city in the county of Östergötland and is the urban centre in the municipality of Motala. Motala is known as the city by the lakes and is situated in the western part of the region by Sweden’s second largest lake Vättern. Archaeological excavations have shown that people have lived in Motala for over 11,000 years. Today a total of approximately 42,000 people live in the municipality of Motala, whereof 30,000 live in the city of Motala. The municipality of Motala covers 1,284 sq km of which 983 sq km is land.

The proximity to water is a major asset that has shaped life in Motala since the numerous archaeological times. The municipality consists of 29 percent of productive agricultural land and 54 percent of forest land. The natural conditions provide Motala with the ability to both create and maintain an attractive living and recreational environments, which is a good basis for a sustainable society in the future.

In the last year Motala has undergone major infrastructural improvements. One example is the new railway station for suburban trains, which was inaugurated in 2013. This means that Motala now is connected to the already existing suburban train network in the region.

Motala is also a bike friendly city, aiming for a continuous improvement. Cycling in Motala is easy and a fast way to get to work, school and other activities. Distances are short and every year the number and the length of the bicycle paths are increased. There are also measures conducted to increase the number of people using bicycle instead of car as a transport mean.

By establishing a Climate- and Energy Strategy (the current strategy was approved in 2009) for the municipality of Motala, they show their will to take their responsibility to achieve both regional and national climate objectives with the ambition to do what is needed on the local level. The municipal executive board has very clearly pronounced the objectives and activities in order to reach a reduced climate impact.

Within the project five municipal home care services in the region of East Sweden will use e-bikes for the delivery of the home care service, where the home care service in Motala is one of them. During the testing period they will have access to four e-bikes in their daily work, aiming to shift as many car travels to e-bike travels as possible due to distances, routes a.s.o.