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Moravske Toplice (Slovenia)

»Wealth of Oasis of Health and Genuine Prekmurian Experiences«

Just a stone’s throw away from all the hustle and bustle of the world you can find the area occupied by the Municipality of Moravske Toplice. The place of Moravske Toplice, with around 760 inhabitants, has been for a while the biggest town of the municipality. The wealth of springs of thermal and mineral waters discovered in oil drills south of Moravske Toplice, spearheaded in recent decades a swift expansion of a small village of merely 541 locals in 1971 to a buzzing tourist destination today.

This discovered treasure created first a swimming pool frenzy which subse­quently developed into wellness tourism, accom­modation and sport facilities, excellent cuisine and local hospitality. From its modest beginnings in the 1960s (with official opening on 8 August 1963), an imposing Nature Park Terme 300 Moravske Toplice has been put into place with an impressive accom­modation capacity of 1300 beds in the Termal, Ajda and Livada Hotels as well as in a string of bungalows and apartment settle­ments. Terme 3000 have a long-term vision flirting with the forthcoming mil­lennium, and as their name aptly states they are here to stay and to give added value to this region. Terme Sončni Park Vivat and the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) of Moravske Toplice are part and parcel of tourism in Moravske Toplice. The largest public institute based in Moravske Toplice is a string of preschool child care institutions of the Municipal­ity of Moravske Toplice seated in an old parish, and with other branches in Bogojina, Filovci, Martjanci, Fokovci and Prosenjakovci. In the 1960s, a new post office was built in the city centre.

Out of many sacral monuments, a Moravci Prot­estant church stands out. It is one of the latest Prot­estant churches in Slovenia, having been built in the mid-war period, but finalized only between 1961 and 1962. It faces the Primož Trubar Protestant Youth Centre, the seat of the Protestant Church of Slovenia led by Bishop Geza Erniša.

All visitors of Moravske Toplice may stretch their legs on a modern Livada golf course with 18 holes. A sporty vibe is provided by the local hockey club that competes in the national league and with success also takes part in European grass hockey championships.

You are probably familiar with proverbial hospitality of the locals – our community members are reputed for it. This goes especially for members of different societies and other providers, owners of pubs, tourist farms, guest houses, lodgings who cordially welcome their guests, numerous craftsmen… All these pieces of the puzzle constitute “a genuine Prekmurian experience”. There are endless opportunities to experience things the “Prekmurian way”. Citizens, members of more than 16 cultural and tourist societies, see to the cultural, tourist and animation beat of the municipality, organise numerous tourist and other events incorporating old customs, crafts, farming tasks and locally distinctive features. Thus, they provide for the preservation of movable cultural heritage.

A Prekmurian culinary oasis where Panonnian flavours mix with contemporary cuisine represents an unforgettable experience. We know that the Prekmurian culinary experience rests on home produced food. You should not forget that the surroundings of Moravske Toplice are a paradise for cyclers, hikers and handicraft lovers. This is also an oasis for all those who seek inner peace and simplicity.

In August the Municipality Moravske Toplice established its Sustainable Energy Action Plan, which comprises actions and guidelines for achieving the set energy objectives. Document SEAP is intended for lowering of CO2 emission by 2020 in all sectors. The actions and activities of the Action Plan must continually adapt to market conditions, and especially to objectives and strategies of the European Union, of the state and of the municipality.

The actions concern the field of energy use, i.e. buildings, transport, street lighting and agriculture. In our case we focused on transport and established the following actions:

–           Organizing of info days in Municipality Moravske Toplice

–           Installation of charging stations

–           Delivery of post items with an electric bike in Moravske Toplice and surrounding area

The pilot company Čista narava, which is fully owned by the Municipality Moravske Toplice, in September 2014 started testing the e-bike in the framework of the PRO-E-BIKE project. The company engages in different activities like drinking water supply, discharge and treatment of waste water and rain water, maintenance of areas of public use (cleaning, maintenance of parks, etc.), maintenance of municipal roads and winter services, new construction and reconstruction of municipal and other objects, maintenance of street lighting and cemeteries, bill-posting. The most important activity performed with an e-bike is waste collection from trash bins along cycle paths. The company also maintains flower beds along roads.