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Genova is one of the major port on the Mediterranean sea, collecting and delivering each day thousands of shipments all over the world. Genova urban area, 243.60 km2, ranges from the seaside to Ligurian Alps, giving hospitality to around 605,000 inhabitants. One of the major characteristics of Genova road network is slope and typical narrow streets, called “carrugi”, originally created with the purpose of defending the city from piracy: peripheral suburbs are hard to reach by bike, few roads constitute the backbone of the road network and a wide set of roads has a limited transverse width. These conditions also explain why the 15 to 20% of urban trips are made by ICEs scooters. In this peculiar context the experimentation of e-bikes constitutes an interesting occasion to verify their performances and the feasibility of substituting traditional vehicles. This is also the major reason for which our four pilot companies will to test e-bikes for delivering activities:

  • TNT express, an important international logistic courier, is testing an e-scooters to assess the substitution of traditional ICEs scooters;
  • Eco Bike Couriers, a young company of bike messengers, wills to use an e-cargobike to extend their delivery capability;
  • Grafica KC, an ecological typography, means to understand the feasibility of substituting a small van with an e-cargobike;

A common feature of demonstrators is the strong willingness to shift towards low emission vehicles. Moreover, the trial presents two important aspects to be studied:

  1. the pool of demonstrators is the completely different size and mission (from an international courier to a simple typography);
  2. The peculiar territorial characteristics represent an opportunity to assess the suitability of e-bikes in facing critical factors as moving up to 50 kg loads in mountain areas.

Furthermore, in Milan, the project supported GLS, an important international courier, for the data collection concerning 4-6 pedelecs used for good delivery in Milan city centre.