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PRO-E-BIKE presented at the Nationaal Verkeerskunde Congres in Utrecht

On 12 November the Dutch Nationaal Verkeerskunde Congres was held in the city of Utrecht. At this congress, 400 professionals from the traffic and transport sector gathered to discuss the newest developments in this domain. Jaap Sytsma (Mobycon) presented the experiences of the PRO-E-BIKE pilots in the Netherlands. He told the public that e-(cargo)bikes are a good transport mode for a wide variety of companies, such as meal deliverers, childcare centres, farmers, etc. Jaap also explained the role and interest of local auhtorities in the promotion of clean and efficient bikes. They can be of great value in order to make urban distribution and transport more sustainable, adding to a cleaner urban environment.

You can download the presentation here (only in Dutch)