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PRO-E-BIKE project meeting in Valencia

IMG_0689The 3rd PRO-E-BIKE project meeting took place at the premises of ITENE in Valencia, Spain, on 10th and 11th April 2014. Project partner and meeting host ITENE (Instituto Technolgico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logistica) is specialist in R&D in packaging, logistics, transport and mobility.

After the issues related to project plan and progress, presented and discussed during the 1st day of the meeting, on 2nd day partners met producers of E- bikes for Spanish pilots and learned about their experiences in parcel delivery by cargo E- bikes. Beside the delivery by E- bikes, San Sebastian based company has developed thir own cargo E- bike. The company also offers other services such as taxi E- bike rikshaw, traning on development of services with E- bikes  for cities and new enterprenurs, etc.

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